Reuben has remixed artists including: Gang of Four, Goldfrapp, She wants Revenge, The Faint, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Sonoio, Indochine and Christina Aguilera and has written and produced tracks for Aguilera's 2010 album, Bionic.

Reuben first started DJing at house parties in Sheffield 1994 and spent most of his time making mix tapes for his friends rather than focussing on his design degree. In 1996 he began DJing with Danny in Liverpool and then under the Ladytron name from 2000 playing disco and electro and new wave.

In 2003 Reuben and Danny started Evol, a weekly club night in a basement which changed the scene in the North West of England and jumpstarted a movement of new musical projects in its wake. This in turn triggered the birth of Korova, a brand new Liverpool-based venue which the boys created in 2005, and which then burnt down in 2010.

Reuben doesn't use a laptop to DJ because he likes to watch the crowd rather than a screen, and the CDs make a nice gift to people who appreciate the music after he's finished his set.

Reuben will play splendid dance music seared with disco, new wave and the dirt from the open road.



Tim Husom Manager Zach Weinberg Day-to-Day Manager


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